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Four Loft Conversion Obstacles and how to Overcome them


Think you’re lacking in head room to convert your loft? Or perhaps a hot water tank in the way? Perhaps it’s party wall agreements that are bothering you? No matter what the hurdle is, when it comes to loft conversions, there’s often a way around it.

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How to Create a Glamourous Loft Conversion Bedroom on a Small Budget


Do you have a beautiful new loft conversion bedroom but a small budget with which to furnish it? Fear not, as a stylish interior can be created with limited money.

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How to Choose Wallpaper for your Loft Conversion


If you fancy finishing your new loft room with a wallpaper, don’t be put off or overwhelmed by the number of patterns and finishes available on the market. Follow a few simple steps to complete your room with wallpaper in style.

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