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Planning North London House Extensions


North London residents are benefitting from the relaxing of regulations that only applies until 30 May 2016 for extensions that are categorised as permitted development, and do not need planning permission.

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Extend your London Property Out, Up or Both


If you are fortunate enough to own a house in the capital, you might be feeling a bit trapped. You have a high value property but there’s no way it would make enough for you to be able to move nearby to a larger home.

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What to Consider when Planning your Essex House Extension


A home extension can save you the high cost of moving to a larger house if you need more space. It can also make that move more affordable down the line by adding extra value to your home. Many people are opting for house extensions, Essex wide.

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The Loft Conversion for the Life you Lead


Our metropolis gives its residents all sorts of opportunities for lifestyles. People often take up a craft for a hobby outside the home, and develop a passion for it. It’s when you want to bring it inside your home that things can get tricky.

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What Type of Loft Conversion Suits Your London Home?


Living in the London area, where house prices are ridiculously higher than in the rest of the country, makes it difficult to move to a larger home without moving away.

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Loft Conversion Storage Solutions for your Essex Home


The amount of items that need to be stored in Essex houses escalates year by year as families grow and acquire more things. Often thoughts turn towards the loft, a dead space in many homes.

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