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No Need to Leave East London: Get a Loft Conversion


With moving house becoming such an expensive and stressful option, residents know that they need to look for other options for solving their space problems.

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Why you Should Consult a Loft Conversion Specialist


A decision to move house is an invitation to fairly long term stress and expense. If you are settled in a comfortable home surrounded by friends and good neighbours, with children’s schools close by and their friends too, why do you need to move?

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Think Ahead with your Loft Conversion Ideas


When you decide to convert your loft space into one or more rooms it’s usually to add a specific type of room that you don’t have space for in the house as it is.

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What Kind of House Extension Suits your East London Home?


London has a multitude of different types of house extensions. East London, like many areas of the metropolis, has a great mix of house styles on its streets.

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Helping Your Home Inspiration with House Extension Ideas


Planning an extension for your home can be a really exciting exercise. Some people know exactly why they want it and therefore what they want it to do for them.

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Factors that Influence House Extension Cost


If you are thinking about having an extension built on your house, you will want to know how much it’s going to cost you.

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