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Extensions Gallery

Looking for Inspiration? Browse our House Extension Gallery

Even if you are craving additional space in your property, it can be very difficult to visualise how your home would look with a loft conversion or house extension. Ideas for how you could optimise the living space in your home can be found in Bespoke Loft’s first-class gallery of house extensions and loft conversions.

It’s no longer necessary to try and picture how your home would benefit from a single or double house extension or a professional loft conversion with full details and images from our past projects to be found in our house extension gallery.

Tried and Tested House Extension Ideas you can Trust

Browsing a high quality house extension gallery is a great way of not only gaining ideas for your own home improvements, it’s also a good way of understanding what is and isn’t possible for different types of homes. Many of our clients use our gallery to help visualise their own house extension ideas; seeing an image of a space that’s been transformed can be very helpful in the decision making process that comes with choosing to have your home extended or your loft converted.

Be Inspired with an Online House Extension Gallery

It can be difficult to see plans leap off the paper, particularly ideas of different types of windows, fixtures and fittings. Perhaps you have an idea that you’re struggling to explain. A house extension gallery that’s complete with high quality images of completed house extensions, can really help.

Bespoke Lofts spend time browsing the online house extension gallery with clients during the planning stages of a house extension or a loft conversion. This gives clients the best possible idea of what’s achievable in the space that’s proposed and can both inspire and instil confidence.

Are you considering extending your home or converting your loft? Perhaps you’d like some house extension ideas to inspire you? Call Bespoke Lofts today on 0800 783 9456.